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Prenatal massage, what is it

The prenatal massage is a massage that adapts its maneuvers to the particular and delicate situation of the woman in the gestation phase for the benefit of the mother and the child swedish massage in Ferndale, MI.

What is prenatal massageThe prenatal massage is a massage that is performed during the period of pregnancy. The maneuvers of the prenatal massage consist of brushing and light kneading, as well as joint mobilization. Deep palpations are excluded. It is never performed on the abdomen .It is indicated to help the woman to become familiar with the changes in her body, helping the future mother to listen deeply to herself and, at the same time, to listen to her baby.

Prenatal massage is recommended for all women in good health and in conditions of pregnancy not at risk, starting from the third month of pregnancy.Finally, there is a particular prenatal massage to be performed both with shiatsu techniques and with moxa, which allows you to turn a fetus in the breech position in the last weeks of pregnancy.Not only the mother benefits from prenatal massage, but also the baby. The mother communicates with her child through the substances and hormones that her body produces: for this reason a mother in good health and physically at ease and calm, passes on to the unborn child the sense of well-being that has physiological basis and consequences.

The prenatal massage should always be performed by trained operators respectful of the specific conditions of each pregnant woman , and it is also useful to ask your doctor for advice.It is contraindicated for women with high-risk pregnancies, in the first months, and in all those conditions in which there is doubt or particular alarm symptoms. It should never be practiced on the abdomen, with the help of undiluted essential oils.The benefits are both physiological and aesthetic, however starting from the assumption that physiological well-being is always reflected in the outward appearance.

Physiology benefits

Mobilization, with loosening and strengthening, of the joints , particularly stressed by the changes in weight and physical structure that the woman encounters during the course of pregnancy;

> relief of back pain ;

> improvement of lymphatic and blood circulation , with resolution of edema and lymphatic stagnation, swelling and a sense of heaviness in the limbs;

> general muscle relaxation .